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Controversy surrounds Ms Blue’s appointment as an Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner. As a media report stated,

Former National MP Jackie Blue formally submitted her interest in a top government job more than a month after the closing date, documents show.

Her appointment as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner came under scrutiny in Parliament yesterday.

Papers issued to Labour’s deputy leader, Grant Robertson, show a letter of application from Dr Blue is dated November 11 last year. A Justice Ministry advertisement for the job sought applications by October 13.

Justice Minister Judith Collins said Dr Blue first approached her in September about the job. “I received an informal expression of interest from Dr Jackie Blue on 20 September, 2012,” she said. “Dr Blue’s formal expression of interest was sent by me to the ministry on 11 November, 2012.”

Blogger No Right Turn commented,

Which puts things in a rather different light. The public advertisement said applications closed on 13 October 2012. Blue didn’t formally apply until mid November. That in itself isn’t a problem – I’ve looked at a lot of appointment paper-trails over the last few years, and it is quite common for departments to accept late applications. But then there’s this: when Collins finally gets around to selecting a shortlist, she indicates Jackie Blue should be interviewed (pg 6), and then just to make sure the Secretary of Justice (who is on the interview panel) gets the message, she writes Blue’s name in the space for “any other candidates”. Which to me looks like giving a clear steer to the interview panel.

So not only was this a crony-appointment, but the rules were “bent” to make it possible for Ms Blue’s appointment as Minister Collins’ insistence.


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